Food Films!

“Knowledge is the food of the soul,” Plato tells us.

Indeed, what we learn helps us to grow. As Slow Food followers, making responsible (and delicious) food choices is a no-brainer. Many of us have seen Food, Inc., read at least one of Michael Pollan’s pieces, and have a pretty solid understanding of why sustainable food growing and eating is the sensible choice.
But there is so much more to learn, to explore, and be inspired by. As a Slow Food chapter on campus, we would love to bring some of this knowledge your way.

There is a multitude of movies exploring all aspects of good food, and you can check some out here.

If something sparks your interest, let us know! We would love to host another movie screening and bring people together to learn about what really matters.
Send us an e-mail at with requests, suggestions, thoughts, or anything at all (like awesome recipes – we’re suckers for those).

We’ll track down the films, pop some corn, and enjoy an awesome movie night leaving you satiated with food knowledge.


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